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What Service Means To A Real Estate Professional

Real estate professionals understand, they must balance their responsibilities, and actions, if they are to succeed! Obvious, unless they master the art and science of selling and sales, they will not make any money, and, obviously, will be less than successful! However, this profession, is about more than just making sales and selling houses, but, rather, how to best, be of service, and serve the best interests of your clients, and those you serve! While there are many factors involved, and the topic/ idea, is an important one, this brief article, will focus on only 4 principal areas, where service is essential.

1. Responsive to texts, emails, phone calls, etc: How quickly must a real estate agent respond? While certain states mandate certain maximum limits, for responding to specific types of inquiries, offers, etc, quality, professional service, demands far more (and better)! Remember, in most areas, there are many real estate agents, etc, so you have competition! In today’s digital – dependent society, quite often, whether or not, you acquire a client, may depend, to a large extent, on who responds first, and in a quality manner! Are you consistently courteous and professional? I am always somewhat amazed when other agents thank me, for how quickly I respond, and how thoroughly I follow through, by, for example, confirming appointments, not only orally, but generating a follow – up email, etc.

2. Follow – up: How many potential customers and clients are lost, either completely, or to the competition, because you fail to follow – up thoroughly, completely, and in a timely manner? This must be professional, thoughtful, polite, insightful, and pensive? How well do you follow – up?

3. Explain thoroughly: When someone questions something, or expresses concern, do you run away, hoping to avoid confrontation, or proceed, to fully answer the question or concern? How well – equipped and prepared are you, to do so? Are you an expert in effectively using the 5 Steps, to transform every concern and objection, to a positive, for you?

4. Absolute integrity; fiduciary responsibility: It is not only ethical, but a legal responsibility, to take the client – nature of an agreement seriously, and exhibit fiduciary responsibility and allegiance! In everything you do, do you commit to maintaining absolute integrity, even when taking a short – cut, might be temporarily, more expedient?