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Why Moms Make the Best Realtors

Picking a great Realtor is a big decision. They have to be someone who you can get along with and someone who will have your best interests in mind. A mom is the perfect Realtor. Think about it, what is a mom use to doing? Keeping her household in working order. She has all the skills already to be a Realtor. She is organized, on a schedule and puts others needs above her own.

We don’t need to be told by a document that it is our fiduciary duty to put your interest above that of our own. We do that on a daily basis in our own lives. We are always putting our children and husband first. We will do that for you, too! We are loyal. Being a mom is hard work. Some days, you may just want to run away, but you have a responsibility. You are loyal to your family. We are loyal to our customers.

We are creative. You have to be with kids. How else do you keep them occupied on a rainy day? Real estate needs creativity, too. We will find the perfect way to sell your home. We can think outside of the box and come up with a plan. What may work for one house, my not work for the other. The same with kids, they’re not all the same.

We have patience. We have seen our children destroy some of our most prized possessions. We have watched them try to learn to try their shoes and we patiently watch… over and over. We know that buying a house is a big decision. We will be patient with you and help guide you through the process.

We are responsible. We have to be. We have these tiny beings that are counting on us for everything. As a Realtor, we are responsible for you. We will work hard to get you the best deal, the best price and make sure that you are happy in the end.

We are determined. We don’t like to hear no. We are in charge of our home, our family and our children. No one messes with that. In real estate, we are determined to get you everything that you want. We stop at nothing. The word “no”, not in our vocabulary!

We are trustworthy. You can’t tell your child that you will do something and not keep your word. That is asking for a total meltdown. If we tell you something, we will do it. You can trust that we are fighting for you and will keep our word.

We are good at communicating. We will never leave you wondering what we are doing. We will tell you every step of the way what is happening and what you can expect.

What Service Means To A Real Estate Professional

Real estate professionals understand, they must balance their responsibilities, and actions, if they are to succeed! Obvious, unless they master the art and science of selling and sales, they will not make any money, and, obviously, will be less than successful! However, this profession, is about more than just making sales and selling houses, but, rather, how to best, be of service, and serve the best interests of your clients, and those you serve! While there are many factors involved, and the topic/ idea, is an important one, this brief article, will focus on only 4 principal areas, where service is essential.

1. Responsive to texts, emails, phone calls, etc: How quickly must a real estate agent respond? While certain states mandate certain maximum limits, for responding to specific types of inquiries, offers, etc, quality, professional service, demands far more (and better)! Remember, in most areas, there are many real estate agents, etc, so you have competition! In today’s digital – dependent society, quite often, whether or not, you acquire a client, may depend, to a large extent, on who responds first, and in a quality manner! Are you consistently courteous and professional? I am always somewhat amazed when other agents thank me, for how quickly I respond, and how thoroughly I follow through, by, for example, confirming appointments, not only orally, but generating a follow – up email, etc.

2. Follow – up: How many potential customers and clients are lost, either completely, or to the competition, because you fail to follow – up thoroughly, completely, and in a timely manner? This must be professional, thoughtful, polite, insightful, and pensive? How well do you follow – up?

3. Explain thoroughly: When someone questions something, or expresses concern, do you run away, hoping to avoid confrontation, or proceed, to fully answer the question or concern? How well – equipped and prepared are you, to do so? Are you an expert in effectively using the 5 Steps, to transform every concern and objection, to a positive, for you?

4. Absolute integrity; fiduciary responsibility: It is not only ethical, but a legal responsibility, to take the client – nature of an agreement seriously, and exhibit fiduciary responsibility and allegiance! In everything you do, do you commit to maintaining absolute integrity, even when taking a short – cut, might be temporarily, more expedient?

Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations are not reserved for just listing and buyer appointments. Presentation skills should be utilized in any conversation you are having with consumers.

Today’s consumer has a new sophistication level and expects their real estate professional to be as forward thinking and savvy as they think they are. Presentations to the consumer must be powerful and straightforward without misrepresentations and your message clearly communicated. The consumer of today wants convenience combined with a new level of service for less, in addition to a number of other components that drive the bid to win customer care.

If you feel you are losing potential listings or buyers, then it’s time to make some alterations to your approach. Since we only get one chance to make a first impression, it’s important to avoid blowing it. Many agents deliver a communication style they feel is effective when it actually isn’t. Some agents feel they are showcasing an enhanced level of professionalism that should give the potential client confidence to work with them only to discover someone else has just listed their house. If this sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to work on your ability to actively listen and effectively communicate.

Meeting the needs of the consumer by providing the information they think they desire to understand the home buying and selling process can be tricky. Many consumers are not really sure what they want. So, when making your presentation, it becomes a platform for highlighting your value in a way the consumer is interested in building a relationship with you. Many potential clients want to know you care and showcasing your concern by sharing the information they really need to know is the best way to get there.

The consumer can typically see a phony baloney from a mile away. One of the best ways to build confidence is by being yourself and providing them with the facts of what lies ahead. Don’t hold back… tell them the truth and help them sort through it. If they want to list their house at an unreasonable price, discuss strategies to minimize the risk of hurting their marketability and ultimately themselves. Suggest they secure an appraisal so they get an expert opinion. Telling them the truth while leaving room open for alternate opinions is a great way for you to lead them while they maintain the control they need.

Let’s go through 8 key business boosting elements in preparing for a memorable presentation:

1. Have a Story and a Mission Statement. Letting others know why you do what you do as well as the Stories to illustrate your experiences in business and life brings your prospective client closer to you more quickly. It’s all about building that strong lifelong relationship. If you need help with ideas for your Story line, visit ted.com or Craig Worthmann’s video on “What’s Your Story”. Get them wired to listen to stories. Be contagious!

2. The Simile. Clear communication comes from a variety of skills. One of those skills in better understanding between you and your prospective client by using Simile’s. This helps others see what you are saying more clearly. For example… Q: How did you like the painting contractor selected to get your house ready for sale? A: He was like the Leonardo Da Vinci of Painters for his gifted quality and style. Similes help people understand what you do when using the words “like” or “as”.

3. Layout. People respond to color. When you make your decision on a PowerPoint or Google Slides or whatever means you select, be sure to use researched color. My favorite is always blue because research has shown it tends to be a good trust color. Some agents opt for an outline or checklist. Whatever keeps you on track and keeps the consumer engaged is great. You just want to make sure it’s your style and not someone else’s.

4. Questions. Asking questions and listening to the responses is a fabulous way to build that rapport. Too many agents are preparing their comeback instead of actively listening. Start asking questions from the time the interview is booked. You will learn a lot about how to craft your presentation so it is a home run.

5. Motivation. Find out what is motivating them to buy or sell. Do they really want to move, are they being forced because of their job, and specifically where their emotional state is on the topic. This knowledge will help you achieve better results through better understanding and handling of their emotions while securing their trust and confidence. You don’t want to walk in for a listing appointment with a happy face thinking about that big commission assuming they are happy when they are miserable about moving the kids again.

6. Active Listening. Understanding how the consumer thinks is a key ingredient to a successful presentation. You can find out how to communicate with your client just by listening to them. People want to be heard and most salespeople are on send rather than receive.

7. Less is more. One of the biggest issues with presentations is the overkill. Trying to cover too much ground or include things like graphs and technology that the consumer has no understanding or real interest in can be a deal killer. Plan your presentation by framing it properly and focus on your delivery.

8. In their shoes. In order to connect with different types of clients, real estate agents need to understand the different generations of people today to remain relevant. From Gen X to Millennials to Baby Boomers, you have to know who they are so adjustments can be made in your approach. The younger client uses tech devices to communicate. Many only want to receive texts or emails. In order to remain current and compliant, we need to learn new methods to understand how to work with everyone.

Get out there and practice your Powerful Presentations!

Clear and easy to understand? Most real estate agents think they are the master of communication. Unfortunately, this isn’t true at all. So, if Eighty-three percent (83%) of consumers polled ranked Communication skills as a critical asset in the selection of their real estate agent (survey by the National Association of Realtors), then it’s time to figure out how to develop this proficiency.